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Build Generational Wealth

Achieve Financial Freedom

Build generational wealth to achieve financial freedom in any economy through the power of real estate


We help you design the life you want.

Gruszynski Capital is a private equity real estate investment firm that provides passive investment opportunities to the most exclusive real estate deals, the best U.S. markets and successful partnerships in the country.

Every deal is vetted through our rigorous due diligence process so investors can invest with confidence and let their money work for them.

Our mission is to help investors achieve financial freedom and generational wealth through investing in real estate assets that provide cashflow, low risk diversification from the stock market, attractive returns, and tax efficiencies.

The Client Process

how it works

Gruszynski Capital aims to align ourselves with long term, passive investors who are comfortable with holding time frames of 3-7 years. Our investments are designed to provide a solid level of cash flow throughout the life of the investment in addition to an equity payout at the time of sale. 


Market Evaluation

Extensive access to information and coveted relationships for exclusive deals


Sourcing & Structuring

Exceptional expertise in equity, debt, and complex transactions that require creative solutions


Analysis & Due Diligence
Strict focus on protecting our investors, conservative analysis, and value-add potential



Efficient and timely acquisition with emphasis on return yield


Risk Management
Strategic and tactical risk mitigation and diversification


Value Enhancement
Aggressive and disciplined asset management with a focus on an owner-fiduciary perspective


Disposition & Refinancing
We seek to maximize proceeds through tactical and timely exits

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