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Leave a Legacy

At Gruszynski Capital, we believe in leaving people and places better than how we found them. We believe in properly stewarding: our investors’ capital, our investments, our tenants; and giving back to our communities.

Stewardship. Reformation. Community Revival.

Our mission

Setting the Captives Free

We believe in the social responsibility of creating a positive impact in our communities, long after we have moved on to our next investment.

Using our real estate investments as a tool to give back creates tangible generational wealth that our communities and loved ones will be able to enjoy for the long haul. Because wealth should be more than about ourselves.

At Gruszynski Capital, we take pride in giving a portion of our proceeds to philanthropic initiatives that matter. We believe giving expands territory and as of Q2 2022 we are aligned with charitable organizations that properly steward funds and change the lives of the communities we serve. 

We also invite investors to give along with us so that together we can multiply our efforts in designing a better tomorrow. Opportunities to give will be available for every deal.


Generational Wealth

Financial Freedom

Social Impact

Targeted Investments

Strategic Growth

Measurable results

United We Win

Gruszynski Capital donates part of its proceeds to Mercy Culture church in Fort Worth, Texas to assist with their various community initiatives such as their in-house food bank that feeds MILLIONS of people in Fort Worth and Justice Reform, a residence that will house up to 100 people that have been enslaved through human trafficking.